Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and is located in the eastern Aegean Sea. Historically, Rhodes was famous for being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Colossus of Rhodes. Now it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, known for its beautiful beaches, fascinating culture and historic landmark sites. Horizon Line Villas can be the perfect retreat for a relaxing escape in Rhodes Island.

Rhodes is linked to all major cities in Europe with regular, scheduled flights.

  • 1. Valley of the Butterflies

    Valley of the Butterflies can be found near the village of Kalamonas, Municipality of Petaloudes, which is 25 kilometers from Rhodes town. This small valley is, as the name suggests, brimming with butterflies flitting amongst a riot of flowers, pines, plains, fig trees and babbling brooks! Spring is the time when the valley is showing itself off in all its finery! But it is still very beautiful to be visited in summer during your holidays in Rhodes.

  • 2. Asklipieio

    During your vacation in Rhodes, you can also visit the traditional village of Asklipieio, which has a church with well-preserved icons dating back to 1677, situated about 4 kilometers away.

  • 3. Lindos

    Lindos is a picturesque, ancient village surrounded by the sea with its acropolis towering above. Today it’s a famous tourist attraction on the island and lies 15 kilometres to the east. On your visit to Lindos don’t forget to take a look at the white-houses clinging on to the rock of the Acropolis with their gardens scattered with nodding bougainvillea in their various shades of red and white. Lindos village is also famous for its variety of restaurants that combine tradition with modern gastronomy as well as for its night life with a lot of bars that exceed your expectations playing Mainstream or Greek music.

    Distance from villas: 15 km

  • 4. Ancient Stadium

    Before leaving Rhodes town, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Ancient Stadium, the Acropolis of Rhodes, with its temple of Apollo nearby. Also, you can’t miss the spectacular sunset as it makes its slow plunge into shimmering sea, and beyond you’ll make out the nearby island of Symi, as well as the Turkish coastline.

  • 5. Rhodes Town

    The Medieval City of Rhodes, a world’s cultural heritage, as defined by UNESCO in 1988, with its Knights’ castle, lies 60 kilometers away, is a place where past meets present. It’s one of the places you wouldn’t like to miss on your holidays in Rhodes. The history of the Old City – as called by locals – merges harmoniously with the cosmopolitan air of the New City. Enjoy walking through the impressive walls and the numerous monumental buildings, you can visit Rhodes museum which holds the old Knights’ Hospitaller of Rhodes. A few meters away there is the Grand Magister’s palace, an imposing castle in superb condition, which will take the visitor back in time. Afterwards you can take a stroll around the Old Town’s more commercial area, picking up the odd gift on your way. There you can also have a break where you can sit at a tavern or a café and try the delicious cuisine or some of the local wine.

    Distance from villas: 60 Km

  • 1. Our Beach – Kiotari

    Your most challenging decision is to choose between your villa’s private pool or the stunning beach literally a few steps in front of it. You may wish to combine the excellent crystal clear water of the swimming pool with the aqua marine blue water of Kiotari beach calling you to start swimming.

    In case you are a beach fan, you will be thrilled to find out that our beachfront luxurious Horizon Villas are situated only 40 meters from the beach of Kiotari, one of the longest bays in Rhodes. Kiotari is a blue flag beach that transfers you to a dreamy place with fine sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters tending to be the ideal destination for water sports fans. The beach is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while you have the opportunity to enjoy traditional delicious Greek food at the traditional restaurants located on the beach front, along the coastal road. It is the perfect place, as well for those who want to experience a few moments of relaxation or want a wonderful sun-tan.

  • 2. Villas Location

    Horizon Line Villas, lying at the southern part of the island in Kiotari, are situated at a distance of 62 kilometers from Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras”. It’s an easy journey, of around 60 minutes’ drive, from the airport to Kiotari via Faliraki-Lindos-Gennadi motorway.

    Horizon Line Villas are located 60 km south of Rhodes Town and just a few minutes’ drive from Lindos. Kiotari has a Blue Flag beach of 10 kilometers long and has become very popular due to its clear blue waters and its variations between sand and multi-colored pebbles.

    On the beach-side of Kiotari, apart from water-sport facilities ideal for the sea lovers, someone can find several bars and taverns to enjoy the local cuisine. Something that sets this place apart is the large 100m2 rock lying around 100 meters from the shore, ‘the nisi’, as it is known to the locals which means the island, and apart from its aesthetic charms, presents a swimming challenge to all those bathers on the beach.